We offer a visit to the most interesting and the most precious parts of the castle with a guide in the armour of a Teutonic Knight. We also offer a visit
to an amber exhibition, Grand Master’s Palace, The Grand Refectory and the oldest part of the castle, the High Castle: the Kitchen, The Bakery, and Chapter House.
During the sightseeing the Guests will come across the workshop of the castle royal minter. Having become familiar with his work everybody gets a leather sack with Teutonic coins as a souvenir. The visit takes around 1.5 to 2 hours.
Then we invite the Guests to lunch in a restaurant within the castle area.
After the meal a great complement of the stay in Malbork will be a shooting tournament closed by a display of knight fights.

•Archery and crossbow shooting –the guests are made familiar with some interesting stories concerning the aforementioned weapons and, simultaneously, they can try their own hand at target shooting. Everybody will also be treated to mulled wine to improve their shooting accuracy.
•Display of knight battles – it is about a 30 minute long historical spectacle full of humour and knights’ duels performed by one of the best chivalric groups in Poland.

After all this the group will take a bus back to Gdańsk.

•admission tickets to the castle and visiting the castle with a guide with knowledge of English, dressed as a Teutonic Knight
•minting demonstration, a leather sack with coins as a souvenir for everybody
•archery and crossbow shooting, mulled wine served to everyone during the tournament
•display of knight fights – 30 minutes
•lunch in a restaurant (3 courses, soft drink/juice)
•attendance of a representative from the Travel Agency with knowledge of English