Visiting the shipyard: on the track of Solidarity

One of the most important topics in the pages of the Gdańsk History concerns “Solidarity”. The Gdańsk Shipyard was on of the places where this history took place. Once it was one of the greatest working places in our region, and also the one where Lech Wałęsa worked. Here, “Solidarity” the social movement was started. Wałęsa’s leap over the shipyard’s fence became a symbol of certain changes in Poland. It is here, in the BHP Room that the historical August Treaty was signed, which became the beginning of the fall of communism in the Central/Eastern Europe.


Today, the shipyard is a large area with huge cranes seen from afar, production halls and docks in addition to artistic installations. In the shipyard area – in the so called Young Town (Młode Miasto) you can also see more traces of modern artists – among others, sculptures and other installations. The Gdańsk Shipyard also became a post-iundustrial place where not only atmospheric events, but also monumental concerts and artistic spectacles are organized.

Delegations from all over the world arrive in “Solidarity” square, at the monument of three crosses and at the historical gate. There was even one year when all the candidates for Miss World came!

So as to have a close look at the Shipyard and to feel the atmosphere of its history, we invite you to visit the Shipyard. Our agency organizes an entrance pass to the Shipyard area, provides a guide who specializes in this theme and also can organize a dinner in a stylish shipyard cafeteria.



  • A walk in the area of the Shipyard with a guide – around 2.5 hours.
  • For those who like to sightsee in an active way, we offer a visit to the Shipyard and the surroundings of the Young Town by bike – around 2.5 hours.
  • For those who prefer a more relaxed approach or for those who are looking for some unusual impressions we offer sightseeing in Gdańsk and the Shipyard by a vehicle relevant to the theme – a “Cucumber” bus (Ogórek) – popular in the 1980s. For this option, the participants will, in addition to entering the Shipyard area, go to see the Young Town (Młode Miasto), Zaspa, a district of Gdańsk and Przymorze with the longest blocks of flats in Poland (“falowce” – wavy blocks of the 1960s and 1970s) and also other places associated with the times of the People’s Republic of Poland (PRL) – around 3 hours.


* For each of the above mentioned options it is advisible to add as an extra the “Way to Freedom” (“Droga do Wolności) Exhibition! This original and interactive exhibition is accommodated in the neighbourhood of the Shipyard and it is devoted to the theme of “Solidarity” and the times of the People’s Republic of Poland (PRL). We will see here what the shops looked like in the past, how the underground printing presses were working. It is here that the table with the famous 21 postulates is situated.

* We also invite you to an alternative way of visiting Gdańsk. The times of People’s Republic of Poland (PRL) and the history of Solidarity are the main notions of our city Game “The Charm of People’s Republic of Poland” (PRL)