We will start at the hotel and go by private bus to Gdynia. After sightseeing and visiting Dar Pomorza we will get on the cruise ship that will take us to Hel.
After about 2,5 hours in Hel we will go back on cruise ship again, but this time we will go straight to Gdansk Old Town. For additional charge we can arrange a lunch in Hel for the group.
On 23rd September 1922 the Parliament passed the Act on Construction of The Port in Gdynia, Pomerania Region, as a Public Port.The construction of the port of Gdynia, a project of nation-wide importance, paid for itself even before the World War II, while having played the role of catalyst for social Energy and patriotism. Today Gdynia has more than 250.000 inhabitants and is an important centre of naval economy, international trade, science and academic education, culture, tourism. In Gdynia you can visit the most famous Polish training tall ship “Dar Pomorza” built in Hamburg in 1909. In 1930 it was bought for the money raised by the Pomeranian nation. It was in the service of the Marine College for 50 years and in 1972 this tall ship won all possible prizes in The Cutty Sark Tall Ships Races. After it retired, the ship was presented with the Central Marine Museum and has been open to public since 1983.
The Hel Peninsula is in a shape of the scythe. The width of the peninsula varies from approximately 300 m near Jurata, through
100 m in the most narrow part to over 3 km at the tip. Since the peninsula was formed entirely of sand, it is frequently turned into an island by winter storms. Until the 17th century the peninsula was a chain of islands that formed a strip of land only during the summer. In Hel City there is the Hel Marine Station which is national centre for the research of marine mammals that live in the Polish part of the Baltic. The grey seal research, breeding and rehabilitation centre in the Hel Marine Station is visited by over 400.000 people every year.